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  • Vijay’s 62nd film has been named Sarkar | Vijay’s Sarkar first look | Sarkar first look | official name for Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s sixty-second film is ‘Sarkar’. The movie will star Vijay in lead roles and is being directed by AR Murugadoss.

  • The buzz now is that Aarav and Oviya are once again in love. After appearing as a guest on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, Oviya replied to a tweet to a fan on Twitter with a selfie taken with Aarav. Seems like the two love birds have once again fallen for each other. Bigg Boss...

  • Actress Mumtaj breaks down in today’s episode of Bigg Boss. While crying she uttered the words “I will kill myself”. Today episode preview and what happens inside Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss 21-06-2018 Episode – Click Here Mumtaj Breaks Down: I Will Kill Myself | Latest news on Bigg Boss Tamil

  • How much does Vijay TV make from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2?. Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Program Income and Profit | Bigg Boss total profit. Bigg Boss VIjay TV income online youtube. Watch today’s episode of Bigg Boss  – Click Here

  • Here are the promo videos Bigg Boss Promo June 21st 2018 for today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. In the thumbnail you can see Yaashika and Mumtaz trying to talk to the cameras inside the house. Promo for today Bigg Boss 21st June 2018. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 21/06/2018 – Click Here Today’s...

  • Interview with Priya Bhavani, she talks and shares about her current film, her personal life and about Bigg Boss. Priya tells us that she follows Bigg Boss 2 through memes on Facebook. Interview with actress Priya Bhavani.

  • Bigg Boss 2: Day 3 has been aired today. In this episode of Bigg Boss, The housemates got involved into a little argument over an onion. The fight was over adding the onion or not :P. The contestants have now mingled with each other and they all seem to be getting along fine for now.

  • In the last episode of Yaashika Anand, she said that I am her competition, but who did she have in mind when she said this?. Bigg Boss 2 aired few days back. The audience are awaiting for problems to rise between the house mates. Two days into Bigg Boss, things have slightly started to heat...

  • Here are the promo videos Bigg Boss Promo June 20th 2018 for today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. In the thumbnail you can see Yaashika and Mumtaz trying to talk to the cameras inside the house. Promo for today Bigg Boss 20th June 2018. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 20/06/2018 – Click Here

  • SV Sekar has now surrendered at Egmore Court. He landed in trouble when he shared a derogatory post about a women journalist on his facebook account. He recently appeared at court today, to know more, watch the video below.

  • Exclusive interview with S.A Chandrasekhar and Traffic Ramaswamy. Quit your profession if you decide to enter politics. Traffic Ramaswamy is an upcoming biopic of the politician who has the same name. Actor/Director S.A.Chandrasekhar does the character of Traffic Ramaswamy in the film.  Watch the interview video below to find out what they had to say.

  • Abarnathi a contestant from ‘Enga Veetu Mappillai’ trolls Bigg Boss 2. Funny interview with Abarnathi watch now. Vijay TV show Bigg Boss Abarnathi makes fun of the show.

  • Kajal Agarwal is currently in a movie called “Paris Paris”, the movie is directed by Ramesh Arvind. The movie is a remake of a film called “Queen” which was out in 2014. Here is the making video of Paris Paris, shared by Kajal Agarwal herself. 

  • Prajin who is known as Chinnathambi in a serial aired on Vijay TV is in love with an artist named Sandra. Watch Prajin and Sandra dubsmash video online. Behind the scenes of small screen artists Sandra and Prajin. 

  • The first day of Bigg Boss was aired yesterday on Vijay TV. Today’s promo shows a clash between house mates and a good friendship between Aishwariya Dutta and Yaashika Anand.

  • Promo for Bigg Boss Tamil 19th June 2018. Upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Promo clip. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 2 June 19th 2018 Promotional/sample/preview of today’s episode online now in HD. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 19/06/2018 – Click Here 

  • Here are the promo videos Bigg Boss Promo June 19th 2018 for today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. In the thumbnail you can see Yaashika and Mumtaz trying to talk to the cameras inside the house. Promo for today Bigg Boss 19th June 2018. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 19/06/2018 – Click Here

  • How to make Cold Coffee at home. It a delicious and pleasant beverage to enjoy with your family during the hot summer months. Learn how to make Cold Coffee within few minutes.

  • Vijay’s Thalapathy 62 film’s release date has been announced. Latest news on Vijay’s upcoming movie. The movie will be directed by A.R. Murugadoss and has Vijay and Keerthy Suresh playing in lead roles. The first look and the title of the film will be said on June 21st 2018.

  • Will actress and dancer Mumtaj take the place of Gayathrie?. The first promo where the contestants entered the house was released recently. They are then given their first task which resulted to a clash between the house mates.

  • Bigg Boss 2 was aired yesterday on Vijay Television. The public had been comparing the house mates with previous house mates. The question now is, could Yaashika Anand be the next Oviya?. Some also feel that Mumtaj is taking the place of Gayathrie. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 18/06/2018 – Click Here 

  • Director Atlee and Actor Sivakarthikeyan attended their favorite Costume Designer’s Engagement recently. Recent pictures of Sivakarthikeyan and Atlee at a friends wedding.

  • Here are the promo videos for today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. In the thumbnail you can see Yaashika and Mumtaz trying to talk to the cameras inside the house. Promo for today Bigg Boss 18th June 2018. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 18/06/2018 – Click Here

  • Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 has started. The grand opening function took place where Kamal Hassan had introduced the 16 contestants for the show. Some of the contestants are well known such as Yaashika, Mumtaz and Janani Iyer.

  • Promo video for Bigg Boss episode 1: Grand opening of Big Boss Tamil by Kamal Hassan. In this promo Oviya can be seen entering the stage and also entering the bigg boss house itself.

  • WOW: Oviya Back In Bigg Boss House 2 Again
    - length

    Oviya is entering the Bigg Boss House this season. She will be one of the contestant from last season who blew up and won the hearts of millions by being herself. Oviya army will surely be happy to hear this exciting news. Watch Bigg Boss 2 Episodes – Click Here 

  • Kamal Haasan had already shot the portions for Bigg Boss 2 yesterday which will be aired from 17th June 2018 on Vijay Television. In this video you can see Kamal Hassan sitting in the confession room, view the video below to see more stills from inside the Bigg Boss House.

  • OUT NOW: Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Full Contestant List
    - length

    Bigg Boss 2 Tamil full contestant list. Who will be entering the house of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2? View the video below to find out. To find out if this list is false or real we will have to wait till tomorrow to watch the grand opening episode of Bigg Boss.

  • Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Grand Opening Bigg Boss Tamil 2 | Grand Opening: Kamal Haasan
    - length

    Bigg Boss Tamil starts tomorrow on Sunday, 17th June 2018. Vijay TV presents: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 hosted by Kamal Hassan. Here is the grand opening video by Kamal Haasan promotional clip. Source 2 – Click on the image below to watch. (Use Google Chrome or Firefox)

  • Dhanush’s Vada Chennai Part 1 and Sivakarthikeyan’s Seemaraja is likely to clash together in September, expected to be released on the same day. An official confirmation on the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

  • There have been guesses on who will enter the Bigg Boss House for the second season. Now it is some what confirmed who they will be, few of the contestants going into the Bigg Boss house includes Power Star and Yaashika Anand says sources close to us. Thaadi Balaji and his wife will also be...

  • 21-06-2018 Bigg Boss Tamil PROMO: Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Starts in Two Days
    - length

    Finally the day we have been waiting for is almost about to arrive. Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 starts in two days. On June 17th 2018 which falls on a Sunday. The contestants will be revealed and following the day after the actual 100 day program will take place daily for the next hundred days....

  • Interview with actor/doctor Power Star Srinivasan. The actor talks about his career and also opens up about Bigg Boss and as a joke he mentions that the Jail in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is for him. Watch the full interview with Srinivasan below.

  • Kaatrin Mozhi is an upcoming Tamil film starring Jyothika and Vidharth. In the film, Jyothika plays the role of a radio jockey. Currently Jyothika’s Radio Station set is under works/construction. 

  • Fried Spicy Chicken Momos, mouthwatering Tibetian dishes by Kailash Kitchen. How is Fried Spicy chicken momos made. Youttube street food video on Chicken Momos.

  • Listen to Orey Oru song from Kolamaavu Kokila. Anirudh Ravichander sings and performs the song Orey Oru. The movie Kolamaavu Kokila stars Nayanthara and Yogi Babu in lead roles.

  • Bigg Boss House Full Tour video brought to you by BehindWoods. Ever wondered what the new Bigg Boss house looks like? Well, wait no longer, here is a sneak view of the out and inside of the home where 15 contestants will be staying for 100 days.

  • Bigg Boss 2 Contestant list. Who will be going into the Bigg Boss house? Contestants of Bigg Boss  Tamil Season 2. Exclusive video  watch now about Tamil Big Boss show coming soon.

  • This Sunday starts Bigg Boss 2. What are the changes and highlights in the Bigg Boss House 2. The new additions of the house are a jail and a brand new gym. Many changes has been made in the Bigg Boss House since we last saw it.

  • Vignesh Shivan special lyrics for his fiance Nayanthara. The song is sung by Anirudh and is called Orey Oru. Vignesh dedicates a song for Nayanthara for her movie Kolamaavu Kokila, the song is written by Vignesh Shivan himself.