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  • 23-07-2017 Bigg Boss | Vijay TV Bigg Boss 23.07.2017 | Tamil TV Show full episode of Bigg Boss 23rd July 2017 Episode 29 Watch Bigg Boss Show in Tamil 23/07/2017 | Tamil reality show Bigg Boss 23-07-17 Watch Previous episode of Bigg Boss Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04 Part 05 Bigg Boss...

  • Why is Nayanthara changed to angry Meenakshi?. Latest news on Nayanthara and others. What is Nayanthara upto nowadays? check out the video to find out more. Latest Tamil cinema news from Kollywood.

  • Bigg Boss 23-07-2017 Bigg Boss Tamil 22-07-2017 Episode 28 Vijay TV
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    Watch Bigg Boss 22-07-2017 online | Vijay TV full episode Bigg Boss 22.07.2017 | Tamil TV Show full episode of Bigg Boss 22nd July 2017 Episode 28 Watch Bigg Boss Show in Tamil 22/07/2017 | latest episode of Tamil reality show Bigg Boss 22-07-17 Watch Previous episode of Bigg Boss Part 01 Part 02 Part...

  • Oviya is receiving a lot of love from celebrities and the public. Oviya has won many hearts all over the world. The hashtag #SaveOviya is trending in number one position on Twitter and Facebook. Oviya’s wordinging ‘neenga shutup pannunga’ has gone viral.

  • Oviya is getting support from all over the world. Everyone wants Oviya to stay in Bigg Boss and win the title. Now Simbu and Trisha have joined in to support Oviya. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar also showed her love towards the actress.

  • Bigg Boss 21-07-2017 | Watch Vijay TV Bigg Boss game show 21.07.2017 | Tamil program Bigg Boss 21st July 2017 Episode 27 online in HD Watch Bigg Boss Show in Tamil 21/07/2017 | Tamil reality show Bigg Boss 21-07-17 Watch Previous episode of Bigg Boss Updating, Refresh to see the next episode. Part 01 Part...

  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mersal Audio Launch Date
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    The audio launch for the film ‘Mersal’ Starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been announced. The audio launch and songs will take place/released on August 20th 2017. Sony Music has the audio rights for the songs. Mersal audio launch function will take place in a grand manner.

  • Priya Anand: BIGG BOSS Oviya Dhan En Thalaivi
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    Exclusive interview with Priya Anand who is an Indian actress. Priya Anand talks about many things and one of those things were about Bigg Boss. Priya Anand says that she is a huge fan of Oviya and that she is her leader ‘thalaivi’.

  • Vikram Vedham Public and Movie Review
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    Vikram Vedha has been released today and is running successfully. Here is the public and movie review for the film Vikram Vedha starring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathy. Tamil 2017 movie Vikram Vedha review video on youtube.

  • Rusikalam Vanga 21-07-2017 PuthuYugam TV Show
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    PuthuYugam TV program Rusikkalam Vanga 21-07-17 how to make Indian dishes. Rusikalam Vaanga July 21st 2017 view now on youtube video 21-07-2017. Tamil TV show Rusikalam Vaangha, a cooking show on Indian dish easy to make in Tamil PuthuYugam television 21.7.17.

  • Kaadhalaada Tamil Song Review – Vivegam
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    Vivegam Kaadhalaada song review | Vivegam is a movie by Ajith Kumar  and Kajal Agarwal. We have heard some badass songs from Vivegam now a romantic treat from Anirudh. Here is the song review for the song Kaathalaada.

  • It’s obvious that certain people in the household of Bigg Boss thinks Oviya is a strong candidate and has the most chances of winning. Is that why she gets cornered in almost every episode?. Here is the reason why Sakthi had an emotional breakdown and why Oviya is being targetted. Bigg Boss Episode 26 :...

  • Nikki Galrani is an upcoming actress, who has done few films in Tamil. Nikki’s sister Sanjana Galrani is very opposite to her sister when it comes to film careers. Sanjana has gone nude for a film called ‘Dandupalya 2’. Sanjana plays the role of an abused woman named Chandri.

  • Interview with Bigg Boss Bharani | special video a talk with Bigg Boss contestant Barani. He says that he is relieved after leaving Bigg Boss and happy to his wife and kids. Bigg Boss is a Tamil reality show aired on Vijay TV.

  • Saravanan Meenatchi fame Nandhini Supports Oviya
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    Nandhini who has done many serials on Vijay TV such as Saravanan Meenatchi and Neeli supports Oviya and Aarav in the game show Bigg Boss. Nanthini shows her love for the show Bigg boss and her favorite contestants in female: Oviya and in Male: Aarav.

  • T Rajendar lost his cool at a press meet and fought with the press. Full fight and TR’s angry speech watch now. T Rajendar confronts a journalist and asks some questions in anger and frustration.

  • Kushboo and slammed Shruthi Haasan on Twitter for backing up from Sangamithra. Sangamithra will be one of the top budgetted film in Indian cinema. Shruti Haasan left the film due to the script being not ready.

  • PuthuYugam TV program Rusikkalam Vanga 19-07-17 how to make Indian dishes. Rusikalam Vaanga July 19th 2017 view now on youtube video 19-07-2017. Tamil TV show Rusikalam Vaangha, a cooking show on Indian dish easy to make in Tamil PuthuYugam television 19.7.17.

  • Puthuyugam TV show Azhaikalam Samaikalam 19-07-2017. Today’s recipe is how to make tasty healthy way to make Parrotta. Azhaikalam Samaikalam 19.07.2017 watch online youtube HD video on how to make home made Parato.

  • Bigg Boss Vaiyapuri’s daughter slams Gayathri Raghuram. Exclusive interview video with Bigg Boss contestant Vaiyapuri’s wife. Vaiyapuri’s wife and son talk about the Vijay TV show Big Boss. Everyone feels Oviya has the most chance to win. Interview with Bigg Boss Vayyapuri’s wife slamming Gayathri.

  • BIGG BOSS: Gayathri’s Emotional Breakdown
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    Gayathri Raguram has got bit emotional and had a breakdown on Bigg Boss. As days go by the drama gets worse and worse. While Oviya remains the favorite among fans and the public. Gayathri’s popularity increases due to the nature of the way she reacts when she gets upset.

  • PuthuYugam TV program Rusikkalam Vanga 18-07-17 how to make Indian dishes. Rusikalam Vaanga July 18th 2017 view now on youtube video 18-07-2017. Tamil TV show Rusikalam Vaangha, a cooking show on Indian dish easy to make in Tamil PuthuYugam television 18.7.17.

  • Vikram’s Son Dubsmash Video: Acting Skills
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    As we all know Chiyaan Vikram is an amazing actor and his son, well he seems to be no less. Vikram shared the video of his son doing dubsmash and also shared a video of himself at Dhruva Natchathiram shooting spot video. Will his son be entering the cinema field anytime soon? we shall wait...

  • Soundarya Rajinikanth: Dhanush is MENTAL
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    Soundarya Rajinikanth calls actor Dhanush a MENTAl. Velai Illa Pattathari 2 latest news. VIP2 is an upcoming film starring Dhanush, Amala Paul and Kajol in lead roles. The movie is being directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth. Making of VIP2, crazy moments and shooting spot videos of Velai Illa Pattathari 2.

  • Velaikkaran Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara’s Velaikkaran
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    Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara’s Velaikkaran, as we all know Nayanthara is the queen of South Cinema. She is now pairing up with Sivakarthikeyan in their upcoming film ‘Velaikkaran’. The movie is directed by Mohan Raja and is expected to release some time this year. Here are juicy info on shooting information and on the movie itself.

  • Anirudh In For Vijay 62 | Vijay | AR Murugadoss
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    The trio is back yet again, Anirudh, Vijay and AR Murugadoss working together to bring you a super hit songs. The previous movie they all worked together was Kaththi and as we all know the songs were hit among the public.

  • Rusikalam Vanga 14-07-2017 PuthuYugam TV Show
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    PuthuYugam TV program Rusikkalam Vanga 14-07-17 how to make Indian dishes. Rusikalam Vaanga July 14th 2017 view now on youtube video 14-07-2017. Tamil TV show Rusikalam Vaangha, a cooking show on Indian dish easy to make in Tamil PuthuYugam television 14.7.17.

  • Tamil memes on Bigg Boss | troll video for the tv show on Vijay TV, Bigg Boss. Watch Big Boss troll video in Tamil 5 minutes. Youtube troll memes/video for the participants vs Vadivelu Tamil memes.

  • BIGG BOSS: Complaint Against Gayathri Raghuram
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    A complaint has been filed against Gayathiri Raghuram and wants Vijay Television to apologize. Tamil Youth and Students Federation had filed the case against the dance master, Gayathri. She used a word which hurt people who live in a certain situation.

  • Actress Kasthuri had tweeted about Bigg Boss and said the house is a jail. Hindu Makkal katchi and many others are against the TV show and wants the police to arrests Kamal Haasan and the 15 contestants.

  • Gayathiri Raguram’s mother talks about Bigg boss and is against Vijay TV show. Bigg Boss is stirring up issue after issue for Gayathri Raguram where the public feels she is mean and cunning. Bigg Boss contestant Gayathiri’s mother interview watch online now.

  • Vishal gave a speech this week and talked about the ticket prices. He mentioned that the popcorn costs more than the actual price of a movie ticket. Full speech of Vishal regarding exemption of tax caused by the State Government, Nadigar Sangam and the Producer council.

  • PuthuYugam TV program Rusikkalam Vanga 13-07-17 how to make Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Rusikalam Vaanga July 13th 2017 view now on youtube video 13-07-2017. Tamil TV show Rusikalam Vaangha, a cooking show on Indian dish chicken curry South Indian dish easy to make in Tamil PuthuYugam television 13.7.17.

  • Kamal Haasan in a recent interview gave his input on Actor Dileep’s molestation case and about GST issues. Malayalam superstar (Dileep) was booed by the public as he was brought to court. It is said that Dileep has been charged to get an actress sexually assaulted and abducted. How much of this is true? we...

  • Kamal Haasan has given a speech about things that took place on Bigg Boss. Kamal mentions that Bigg Boss the show is big as cricket. The Hindu Makkal Katchi felt offended by the show and asked the police to arrest Kamal Hasan for hurting their sentiments. Bigg Boss Tamil has more than 3.5 crore people...

  • Actor Dileep Banned From Actors Union AMMA
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    Actor Dileep was recently charged with the abduction of Malayalam actress Bhavana. Was Dileep the mastermind behind this whole issue? did he plan this? for now he was only arrested which lead him being expelled from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes also known as ‘AMMA’.

  • Gayathiri Raghuram with her family, cousins, father, mother and sister pictures. These pictures were taken from Gayathiri’s facebook account. Gayathiri as we all know is a contestant on Bigg Boss. The show has gone viral even before it had started. Dance master Gayathiri Raghuram’s pictures with family members.

  • How to wear a wedding saree tutorial. South Indian silk saree Tamil tutorial watch online. This is how you should drape a saree for a South Indian/Tamil wedding. How to wear a sari/saree in a beautiful manner online youtube tutorial video in HD. With instructions

  • Thalapathy fans are also showing their support and praising Thala Ajithkumar after seeing Thalai Viduthalai. That is the latest released song for the film ‘Thala 57 Vivegam’. Ajith’s physique shows through out the video. Latest news from Vivegam movie.

  • Thalai Viduthalai lyrics in Tamil. Vivegam film song Thalai Viduthalai listen to it in HQ. Download Thalai Viduthala from the movie Vivegam. The song has gone viral and is loved by thala and thalapathy fans. Vivegam stars Ajith Kumar in lead roles, the movie is being directed by Siva.