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  • The media reported about a girl who protested at Marina. She spoke against Modi and the CM of India. The media said she supports the opposite party. Today she had released a video stating she only wanted the attention of Modi and the CM. She also said she just a normal Tamil girl and is...

  • LIVE: Jallikattu – Watch News 7 Tamil Channel
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    Jallikattu watch it live. News 7 Tamil channel shows Jallikattu happenings in India Live. Watch News 7 Tamil TV channel Live in HD. Jallikattu what’s happening now find out by watching the video below.

  • Unknown individuals had burned down a police station, bikes and other things. It is unknown who did all this, but it happened right after cops started beating up people to get them out of the area and to stop protesting.

  • Sirippu Da 23-01-2017 online now. Vijay TV program Sirippu Da 23rd January 2018 in HD. Tamil TV show on Vijay Television Sirippu Da 23/01/2016 new program Episode 104 at

  • Police had beaten up the protesters, a lady got beaten up she was pregnant and had an abortion, police hits kids. The peaceful Jallikattu was silent for a week but it had turned violent today.

  • Jallikattu protest over?. Hip-Hop Tamizha, Aadhi announced that he is backing out of agitation citing the presence of ‘anti national’ elements. But he said he will always support the bull-taming sport. He also said that the protest was losing steam and headed through a different path.

  • Actor Raghava Lawrence is not doing so well health wise but wholeheartedly supported the Jallikattu protest since it began. He also got admitted to the hospital numerous of times. He had ordered a 500kg cake to celebrate the victory.

  • This is the first team who started the protest for Jallikattu in Marina. They tell us about the protest and how the world is praising the Tamils for the huge non-violence protest. They also tell us the truth about the intense violence.

  • Rajnikanth made a request to the protesters to not to fall into the trap of anti-social elements. Superstar Rajinikanth tells protesters not to spoil the good name they worked hard for all this time. Rajnikanth releases a letter to the press and public.

  • Actor and dancer Raghava Lawrence breaks down as he finds out the police at Marina are beating up protesters. A woman had called Raghava Lawrence and asked for help saying she is getting beaten up. Jallikattu latest news January 23rd 2017.

  • Solvathu Ellam Unmai 23-01-2017 Zee Tamizh TV debate talk show Solvathu Ellam Unmai latest episode 23.01.2017 Problem solver Host: Lakshmi ma’am who clears problems/arguments in families and friends. Solvadhu Yellam Oonmai 23/01/17. Zee Tamizh Television Solvathu Ellam Unmai January 23rd 2017 Episode. Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04

  • Full press meet video on Jallikattu. HipHop Tamizha Aadhi says that the Jallikattu protest has turned into a nightmare by others. Jallikattu protest video press meet with HipHop Tamizha Aadhi who basically started all this.

  • Neeya Naana 22-01-2017 Tamil talk show – Neeya Naana 22-01-17 watch Tamil debate program Neeya Naana 22/01/2017 | Watch Vijay TV Sunday Show Neeya Naana Debate show January 22nd 2017 Neeya Naana new episode host: Gobinath Indian Tamil Show. Part 01 Part 02

  • Jodi No 1 season 9 – 22-01-2017 Vijay TV dance show watch online now. Vijay Television dance program watch today episode 22 of Jodi No 1 January 22nd 2017. Today’s episode of Jodi Number One 22.01.2017 view online now. HD program Jodi No 1 22-01-2017 view now dailymotion videos. Part 01 Part 02

  • Nijangal 23-01-2017 Watch now. Sun TV program Nijangal 23/01/2017 real life happenings in India. Kushboo hosts Nijangal January 23rd 2017 do not miss to watch it online now. Nijangal special show with actress Kushboo 23.01.16 view now in HD. Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04

  • Tamils from Toronto, Canada had protested today for Jallikattu Ban. BANPETA says protesters in Canada. Toronto Protest video for jallikattu. Watch in HD Jallikattu videos protest at Dundas and Yonge street today.

  • The Public and Police had shown unity by showing off their silambattam skills at the Jallikattu protest. Females even took part and proved they are equal to men when it comes to Silambattam.

  • HipHop Aadhi was the first person to bring attention for Jallikattu admits that he is hurt emotionally by what is going on around him. He tells us why he feels this way in this video. #jallikattu #hiphopaadhispeech #jallikattuprotest Source 1 – Click on the image below to watch.

  • Super Singer Junior 5 – 22-01-2017 Vijay TV musical show. Watch now singing show on Vijay Television Super Singer Junior 5 January 22nd 2017. Today’s episode of Super Singer Junior 22/01/2017. Super Singer Junior 5 22-01-17 view now in Vijay TV new show. Source 1 Source 2 Part 01 Part 02

  • Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru 22-01-2017. Watch Tamil TV Show Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru January 22nd 2017 now online season 5 comedy program watch now weekend Sunday show. Watch Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru 22/01/2017 online now.

  • Dance Jodi Dance 22-01-2017 is a dance program on Zee Tamizh TV. Watch Dance Jodi Dance January 22nd 2016 weekend family show. Dance Jodi Dance 22.01.17 view now couple dance show online now. Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04

  • Pudhu Padam Eppadi Irukku 22-01-2017 Sun TV special program, watch now Pudhu Padam Eppadi Irukku this week’s film special preview on Sun TV January 22nd 2017 in youtube video check it out now. Weekend show Pudhu Padam Eppadi Irukku 22/01/17.

  • Kutty Chutties 22-01-2017 Tamil Show on Sun TV Kutty Chutties 22/01/2017 watch online Tamil TV Show on Sunday Kutty Chutties 22-01-17 Sun TV Indian Tamil Channel from India with Annachi as the host Kutty Chutties Kids talk show where kids say the silliest but cutest things January 22nd 2017.

  • Super Challenge 22-01-2017 – Sun TV Game Show
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    Super Challenge 22-01-2017 Sun TV Program watch online. Tamil Channel Program Super Challenge each weekend a serial Team plays at Super Challenge January 22nd 2017 watch online @ Sunday Program 22.01.2016 on Tamil TV Show on Sun TV Super Challenge, each week a new serial Chandralekha team takes part in this Tamil Game Show and tries to win.

  • Watch Zee Tamizh TV show online now Athirshta Lakshmi 22-01-2017 in HD. Tamil TV game show a must watch on the weekends with your family Athirshta Lakshmi January 22nd 2017. Athirshta Lakshmi 22/01/17 watch now game show.

  • Connexion 22-01-2017 Tamil TV Show watch online Vijay TV Program Connexion 22/01/17 Tamil Game show on every Sunday Connexions where you guess the name of what image is shown, don’t miss it here. Today’s Episode of Connexions January 22nd 2017 watch now.

  • Sun Singer 22-01-2017 Sun TV Show Season 6 of Sun Singer 22/01/17 watch online Sunday Musical show on Tamil Channel Sun TV Sun Singer where little kids perform their best to be the number one singer in the competition. Sun Singer 22-01-17 watch online now Sun TV Show Sun Singer January 22nd 2017 watch now. Part 01 Part...

  • Top 10 Movies 22-01-2017 Online Tamil Sun TV show which features the top 10 flicks for this week which has been running successfully in theatres. Top 10 Movies January 22nd 2017 watch online now Sun TV Tamil show/program online youtube video Top 10 Movies 22/01/17 watch online.

  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 22-01-2017 watch online now. New show on Zee Tamizh TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 22nd of January 2017. View now online Zee Thamizh Television program in HD quality Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 22/01/17. Part 01 Part 02 Part 03

  • Sollungane Sollunga Sun TV comedy program 22-01-2017 online now Tamil TV Program Sollungane Sollunga 22/01/2017 watch now free in youtube video. Sunday evening comedy show you can watch with your whole family Sollungane Sollunga January 22nd 2017.

  • Sunday Galatta 22-01-2017 – Sun TV Program
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    Sunday Galatta 22-01-2017 Tamil Show watch online Sunday Galatta 22/01/17 Sun TV Evening Sunday Special Program Sunday Galatta January 22nd 2017 don’t miss it here. Sunday family comedy show on Tamil channel Sun TV this week’s episode on youtube.

  • Video of Tamilans protesting around the world. Australia, Saudi, Singapore, New York and other places take part in protesting to lift the ban against Jallikattu. Many wants PETA banned.

  • Raghava Lawrence has spent 1 crore to the supporters who have gathered at the protest. He is providing medicine, food and other needful things for the people. Jallikattu speech by Lawrence Raghava.

  • Marina Jallikattu Protesters fight night and day in against of PETA. Highlights from Jallikattu protest. To know more watch the video. Protesters amazing video for Jallikattu ban issue.

  • Super Singer Junior 5 – 21-01-2017 Vijay TV musical show. Watch now singing show on Vijay Television Super Singer Junior 5 January 21st 2017. Today’s episode of Super Singer Junior 21/01/2017. Super Singer Junior 5 21-01-17 view now in Vijay TV new show. Part 01 Part 02

  • Jodi No 1 season 9 – 21-01-2017 Vijay TV dance show watch online now. Vijay Television dance program watch today episode 21 of Jodi No 1 January 21st 2017. Today’s episode of Jodi Number One 21.01.2017 view online now. HD program Jodi No 1 21-01-2017 view now dailymotion videos. Part 01 Part 02

  • Athu Ithu Ethu 21-01-2017 Online. Tamil TV game show Athu Ithu Ethu 21-01-17 Vijay TV Athu Ithu Ethu 21/01/2017 Online – Program Tamil Game Show Adhu Idhu Edhu 21/01/17 Tamil TV Game Show on Vijay Television in Tamil Athu Ithu Ethu January 21st 2017 Part 01 Part 02

  • RJ Balaji speech at Marina beach. RJ balaji’s speech at Marina Beach would give you goosebumps while watching it. RJ Balaji latest speech video, Marina Beach speech video with RJ Balaji a must watch. Inspiring Jallikattu speech by RJBALAJI. Source 1 – Click on the image below to watch.

  • A Chennai women talks about Women Safety and tells the media that other cities should learn from Chennai Women. Jallikattu protest speech and what should other states learn from it?.

  • Dance Jodi Dance 21-01-2017 is a dance program on Zee Tamizh TV. Watch Dance Jodi Dance January 21st 2016 weekend family show. Dance Jodi Dance 21.01.17 view now couple dance show online now. Source 1 Source 2 Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04