R.I.P Saberna – Tamil Actress Sabarna Anand commits suicide

Saberna Anand had committed suicide by cutting her wrist. She has acted in Poojai movie and many serials such as Maya Mohini, Thulasi, Sondha Bandham and many others.


Many knew her as an actress but I knew her as a friend. She was always positive and always made everyone around her happy. When I think about her I only have good things to say, I still can’t believe she’s gone 🙁 Rest In Peace Sabbie… everyone who seems happy on the outside may not be feeling happy on the inside, hold everyone you love close to heart. :'( I always knew you were brave but never though you would be brave enough to take your own life… *heartbroken*

Her last post on fb:
‘One could fall for her flesh in an instant. . But her soul demanded truth and trust and time. . Nothing less would do’

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