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Saravanan Meenakshi 07-10-2016 is a popular serial on Vijay TV. Saravanan Meenakshi is about two people who end up falling in love. The story starts off as them being strangers then becoming friends later on, Meenakshi pretends to love Saravanan after hearing him telling his friends how he will trick Meenakshi into falling in love with him. As the days went by Saravanan really fell for Meenakshi and Meenakshi ended up tricking Saravanan into thinking she loves him.

Saravanan Meenakshi

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Saravanan Meenakshi 07.10.2016 | Vijay TV serial Saravanan Meenakshi 07-10-2016 Vijay Television romantic TV show view free in HD print.
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