Neeya Naana 02-10-2016 – Vijay TV Debate Talk Show

Neeya Naana 02-10-2016 Tamil talk show – Neeya Naana 02-10-16 watch Tamil debate program Neeya Naana 02/10/2016 | Watch Vijay TV Sunday Show Neeya Naana Debate show October 2nd 2016 Neeya Naana new episode host: Gobinath Indian Tamil Show.


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Neeya Naana is a Tamil program aired on Vijay Television. It is a Tamil talk show of Star TV network and in English it means You? or Me?. The show is presented by host Gopinath who has already acted in few movies. The running time of the show is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Neeya Naana 02-10-2016 original release of the show started back in 2006 and still airs successfully. They take up topics from the society and have a debate over it with two teams, one that agrees and one that does not agree.
Neeya Naana 02-10-2016 | Tamil talk show on Vijay TV 02.10.2016
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