Athu Ithu Ethu 25-09-2016 – Vijay TV Tamil Game Show

Athu Ithu Ethu 25-09-2016 Online. Tamil TV game show Athu Ithu Ethu 25-09-16 Vijay TV Athu Ithu Ethu 25/09/2016 Online – Program Tamil Game Show Adhu Idhu Edhu 25/09/16 Tamil TV Game Show on Vijay Television in Tamil Athu Ithu Ethu September 25th 2016.

Athu Ithu Ethu

Aahu Idhu Edhu is a Tamil show on Vijay Television presented by Ma Ka Pa Anand since 2012 to 2016. Athu Ithu Ethu 25-09-2016 in English translates to That, This, Which?. This game show is aired on Saturday evening with film personalities and celebrities as special guests. This show is mostly to promote movies. Game format included, Groupula Doopu, Siricha Poachu and Maathi Yosi.

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