Nadhaswaram 28-04-2014 – Sun TV Drama – Episode 1045

Nadhaswaram 28-04-2014 Sun TV Nadhaswaram 28.04.2014 Nadhaswaram April 28th 2014 | Latest Episode 1045 Nadhaswaram 28-04-14 Episode | Nadhaswaram 28/04/2014 Tamil Drama @


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  1. Hari Menon / 29/04/2014

    One of the most stupidest serial I have ever seen. Middle aged stone faced Thiru trying to become a super hero here and other than him the rest of the characters are portrayed as evil. The Siva and his father notwithstanding Subbu are the worst among the characters ever appeared in the history of serials shown in sun TV. Thiru’s wife Malar is another character wasted. The mother of Thiru is also unbearably dumb as Thiru himself Ragini the sister character is not at all developed. Thiru (Gopi) sister with boneless taxi driver on tow is also beyond bearable. The elder son is hopeless. How this series is being telecast during prime time is beyond anybody’s guess.

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  3. nathan / 30/04/2014

    I do not know why he discripe so angry mood.all is well

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  5. Kunasagaran Rajoo / 30/04/2014

    I agree with you, thiru is portraying himself as a good guy being a director he calls the shots. In fact he does not realize he is the true villain. Watch the guinees clip he showed his true color
    If you notice he is trying to break not the guineas book of record but our brains

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  7. Kunasagaran Rajoo / 30/04/2014

    In fact he repeats the same episode where rajesh is supposed to be dead, remember malar ex gokul had the same role

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  9. Kunasagaran Rajoo / 30/04/2014

    The other actors don’t realize that the ever righteous thiru is making a fool out of them. Fortunately the actor in ramesh role decided to leave the serial a new clown has ta
    ken over

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