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  1. DisappointedGuest / 24/03/2014

    I watch Neeya Naana regularly and used to enjoy Mr. Gopinath’s discussions. In this episode, I saw his arrogance and rude behavior to that old lady. Couple of points Mr. Gopinath:
    – Give respect to old people
    – I am seeing that you have been very against a particular sect of community (it may be because you don’t like them OR you were taught to oppose that sect from your childhood) but you don’t have any right to judge people OR show your hatred in a public forum.
    – You were very arrogant when the lady said “I never expected this…” – Oh appadiya, that is Neeya Naana was your response and you immediately showed your back to her. Through-out the show, she just wanted to tell her opinion and you made her stop talking by telling “Madam, you are keeping on telling that you are the best and all others are wrong!!” Mind it, she never said that…… I have watched many of your shows and offlate, I see that you hate that community sect & are expressing it freely in this forum. If indeed it’s in your heart, you better step down from lime light as you are in Media and Media has got to be fair with all sects of people.

    Neeya Naana team, you have disappointed many of your fans!!! Sorry, that I lost interest in watching Neeya Naana (which I was watching ever since the show started!!!)

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